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Grey fungus?

Observed: 21st November 2011 By: Julia Furniss
Grey mystery!

A thick mat of grey 'something' that has long thin filaments all over it but it feels like a soft, spongy, furry cat to touch (in fact, I thought it WAS a dead cat at first!). It's all around the base of my neighbour's bird feeder pole, which contains the usual seed mix, peanuts, etc, and is covering the grass there. Filaments stand about 10cm tall and have little nodules at their tops. In eight years we've never seen this before - but it's a new pole this year.


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Pin mould

Thanks for the id - I'm sure it's this, especially as further investigation has revealed that it is also called [cat]poop mould and we have a terrible problem with near-feral cats thanks to some fairly irreposible neighbours on the other side of us!

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Cursed cats

Tell me about it! I'm sick of cats using my vegetable beds as a toilet. If I knew whose cats were doing it, I'd gladly post the poop back to them. I've yet to see it develop this mould, though. Hopefully I never will.