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Unknown creature on hogweed. Lewes

Observed: 6th August 2011 By: jonny4sheds
August 2011 129
August 2011 125b

This small creature(approx 0.5cm) was shot in August and is feeding on Hogweed. I don't know if it dropped from the trees above, abseiled in on silk or climbed up the stalk.It appears to have 6 legs. 2 entomologists have been unable to identify it ( 1 thought it was something I'd created on Photoshop!)

    Likely ID
    a braconid wasp (Rogadinae)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Rogadinae mummies

This is the host mummy of a rogadine braconid, probably a species of Aleiodes. This kind of parasitic wasp attacks small caterpillars like many parasitic wasps, eating them from the inside. However when the wasp larva is fully grown rather than bursting out of the host remains and spinnning a cocoon, it stays inside and lets the caterpillar skin harden up to provide a protective covering which will protect the wasp until it is ready to emerge. In this particular mummy, the caterpillar's head is to the left and the sticky out things (that's the technical term) along the side are the remains of the prolegs. See also from which the wasp has emerged, also