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Mabel, the Tawny Owl

Observed: 18th November 2011 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in Birds

Mabel is Christchurch Park's resident Tawny Owl, who sits in the same tree all day long, dozing and watching the people walking past. She disappeared for about a year, maybe moving away or perhaps sitting further back into the tree where she couldn't be seen. She has been back for about a week now.

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Good to know she's back!

Good to know she's back. I hadn't heard of Mabel before your post, but I'm genuinely happy to add to the odd assortment of things that I know about Ipswich the fact that an owl called Mabel lives there! Thank you!

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I had seen an article in a

I had seen an article in a local newspaper about this.. Great to know she's back!

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What a lovely photo,and a safe place for her to live in the Churchyard,lot's of mice and voles too.I will be waiting for another observation of her with chicks next year,cheered me up on this drizzly morning.


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We are very lucky to have

We are very lucky to have such a photogenic neighbour. She IS in a safe place up that tree, but in the park not the nearby churchyard. There is lots for her to eat here as well - and the churchyard is only a few hundred metres away from her roost. Someone told me today that a Little Owl has also been seen in the park recently, but few Owls are as happy to sit in full view of the public as Mabel!