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Observed: 19th November 2011 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in MammalsFenwickfield’s reputation in MammalsFenwickfield’s reputation in Mammals
19th November 2011 015
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Fox and prey noticed a pheasant kill in the wood's no carcass so thought fox,then saw footprints leading down to the stream four footprints on first photo four toes with claw not dog as private land area and they were fresh that morning in the silt,but any other thoughts welcomed

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Fox print

These are fox prints, note the triangular hind pad; mink have no hind pad but fox and dog have triangular ones. The usual 'X' void between the pads of a fox is not obvious here because of the soft mud distorting the print, nor the roundness of a fox print for the same reason. Fortunately there is another way of telling fox from dog, note how the left and right toes are an equal length, they are uneven lengths in dogs, therefore, this is a fox.

Graham Banwell

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Thank you for confirming this I did use my book on animal track to try and narrow it down but your explanation is much easier to understand.