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Mystery funghi growing in house

Observed: 23rd November 2011 By: Mamohau
Funghi aquarium base 23-11-2011 17-39-34
Funghi aquarium base 1 23-11-2011 17-42-07
Funghi aquarium base 4 23-11-2011 17-45-59
Funghi aquarium base 3 23-11-2011 17-45-19

My goldfish aquarium sits on a wooden base which was made from scrap wood and then painted. It must get damp underneath from spills and today we saw these little funghi growing up. They're very small,creamy-grey and black, papery and striped like palms. When I picked 3 up I got black 'dust' on my fingers. I hope that they can be identified from the photos using my phone! I'd be interested to see if they're something growing un-noticed in the garden and the spores have blown in (tank is about 3' from the window).


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