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Fungi sp

Observed: 23rd November 2011 By: peteralfreypeteralfrey’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
231111- Fungi and gulls 047
231111- Fungi and gulls 008
231111- Fungi and gulls 033
231111- Fungi and gulls 086

No identification made yet.

Species interactions

No interactions present.


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Separate observations

If possible can you re submit these as separate observations as the need to go into the right section once identified.



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ok- will do. New boy sorry

ok- will do. New boy sorry :-)

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Not a problem

I did this when I first started so I wouldn't worry


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As you haven't as yet posted

As you haven't as yet posted the first two Panaeolus semiovatus and Coprinus atramentarius

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thanks very much indeed