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Observed: 19th November 2011 By: gingermog

i was out and i was at a country park and i found this on a wall. i guess its a cockroach but what type?

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I was told a story about

I was told a story about these cockroaches by someone who worked at the park (apparently they were imported with Australian plants). During a special late night opening of the glasshouses for the flowering of the giant waterlilies there was concern about how the public would react to the cockroaches running about so they were told they were special pollinators for the lilies! Not that I condone mis-educating the public, but I found it amusing.

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the second one dont look anything like my one :s whos right? this was my first post.


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It is an Australian cockroach

It is an Australian cockroach - I saw loads of them in the Oz and few of the American ones in the Bronx
As was stated the markings on the protonum are diagnostic