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Unidentified agaricus

Observed: 21st November 2011 By: JohnRoberts
Unidentified fungi
Unidentified fungi
Unidentified fungi
Unidentified fungi

Found beside garden path under mixed hedge of mainly hazel and holly. Two mature specimens only.
Diameter of cap 13cm and length of stipe 11cm.
Mature cap almost flat but slightly convex. White with inky brown scales, darkening to an almost black spot 2-3cm across at the centre. Flesh white. Gills crowded and free, pinkish grey. Stipe white, cylindrical and slightly bulbous at the base. No more than 2cm in diameter. White, membranous ring, descendant. Stipe is slightly fibrous and faintly hollow inside. I've been through my fungi guide, paying special attention to the agaricus ones but can't settle on any one.
The cap is too dark scaled to be silvicola,


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when you cut through the stem did it change colour usually takes a minute also was there any smell.


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A.moelleri aka A.placomyces

A.moelleri aka A.placomyces is only species with grey-brown cap scales, becoming almost black at centre. If only there was info on how it smelt.

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