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Crusty thing in the grass

Observed: 22nd November 2011 By: Amy Chandler

It's a light coloured crusty looking thing growing in the grass.
The main photo is a white crustation like substance which seems to locate itself around the blades of the grass, however some other areas of sprawling crustation in small pockets about 5 to 10cm in diameter.


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Could it be a slime mould

I saw this on a grassland recently also and had no idea what it was. Some of the other postings for slime moulds look a bit like this, might be worth looking at those. I will be interested to find out what it is.

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slime mould

Have walked round my parent’s field today - 22nd Nov. 2011 and found loads of this stuff. As an amateur biologist I recognised it as slime mould but have never seen it in the 30 years I have been walking in the field. Is it something to do with the warm wet autumn ….(climate warming?) or is it cyclical and I have just not been there at the right time to see it before. Quite excited by the whole thing! Would love to hear from other Ispot people to help get to the bottom of the mystery.

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Slime Mould

Hi earlier this month I came across the exact same substance whilst walking in a local community woodland which used to be a colliery spoil site. It was in the long grass at the side of the path and upon first inspection I thought it was dogs vomit and sadly didnt take a photograph; co-incidentally a Yorkshire Post reader sent in a picture of something very similar asking if anyone could identify it. Another reader replied to confirm it was indeed Slime mould; Mucilago crustacea. When I went back a few days later to get a photo of our slime mould it had disappeared! The weather at this time was very mild and damp. That'll teach me for not taking a photo at the time as I havent seen it since !

Tracy Irwin