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iSpot for identifying non British species?

My interest in wildlife photography extends naturally beyond our British shores. I often return from a trip abroad with a few photos of reptiles, butterflies, etc, that I cannot identify without paying a large sum of money for a field guide I may never use again. iSpot experts have so far been very helpful with IDs, but I wondered how users of iSpot feel about posting ID requests for non British species.



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Personally I like it!

Personally I like it!

I know some people aren't interested, but with only a few species of reptiles and amphibians in the UK I'm always interested in seeing what other people have found when they have been away. It's nice to have the challenge of identifying some of the foreign ones too.

Also reptiles and amphibians doesn't have anywhere near the amount of observations of some of the categories - birds, invertebrates, plants, etc. so it makes it a bit easier to keep up if there are a lot of overseas observations.

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I just spent a while analysing what looked like a Sedate SB and then relasised it was taken in the Mediterranen so not likely to that !!! my suggestion a Little Flag Icon as a visual prompt so that quisk mistakes are not made


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My understanding is that

My understanding is that iSpot UK website is meant to have UK species, and purpose is to gain more detailed knowledge on those species, improve observational skills over the time.But above comments on posting more variety of reptiles and amphibians sounds good and understandable.But I am not sure if iSpot encourages lots and lots of posts from abroad.


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I must say I was impressed

I must say I was impressed with the speed the agami lizard I posted this evening was identified

I think it is more likely you'll get pictures from people returning from holiday as mammal/bird guides are fairly easy to get for most places people are likely to visit but with a few exceptions books on herps are hard to come by or non existent - and there are some really stunning species in the tropics

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An agreement

I must say I agree but I disagree. I agree because yes this is an English website fit for English people, however it would be nice to see some foreign animals.

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I think that is called sitting on the fence,iSpot is hopefully going to put a filter on so you can choose if you do or do not wish to view foreign observations.I personally do not and find it rather annoying when someone put a job lot of usually poor quality photos on and it tends to give the British Isles ones less time on the carousel.


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What about the Welsh and the Scots???

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If you notice I did say British Isles which includes Scotland,Ireland,Wales ect.


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I know -

It wasn't your post I was commenting on. Sorry if I gave that impression.

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Don't mind but...

I don't mind the foreign species but there has been a tendency for individuals to dump lots of holiday pics on iSpot all at once. Myabe a daily limit would be good?


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Thats true, I have noticed

Thats true, I have noticed that. It is good to not to overload the system with holiday pictures from abroad given the purpose of the website.