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Fungi -1

Observed: 12th November 2011 By: matilda4ever
Fungi -1

Translucent white fungus about 7cm high and 2cm across the cap. Growing beside the path in birch woodland at Potteric Carr (near Doncaster) a YWT Nature reserve. It appeared fresh (not dried out). A solitary fungus and the only example we saw that day.


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What a pretty little mushroom!

What a pretty little mushroom! I thought maybe some sort of Mycena... there is one in the book that looks a bit similar, M. stylobates, which has a characteristic white, woolly margined disc at the base of the stem (to attach it to the substrate)..

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I wondered about Coprinus but

I wondered about Coprinus but was put off by colour of gills and lack of any sign of blackening...