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Badger sett

Observed: 21st November 2011 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in MammalsRefugee’s reputation in MammalsRefugee’s reputation in Mammals
Badger sett

This location has a number of entrances and many browsing digs in the surrounding area and foot prints close to the burrows.

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badger sett

Look for bedding and latrines - small pits with dropping, obvious tracks, grey fur on barded wire

Stick your head to the hole and sniff if its a fox earth it will have a rank musty smell

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Badger sett holes are D shaped.

When a badger digs a sett entrance it is usually D shaped. Fox earth entrances are oval. The right hand picture looks like a fox earth to me, although it's hard to get a feel for the size. I can't see any badger footprints in the spoil heap either.

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There is a print in the center of the first image straddling the twig that emerges from under the Sweet chestnut leaf. There was a trench cut with a spoil heap that looked like it was several years old indicating that "baiting" had taken place.


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It is hard to say who lives in the hole, there are not enough clues, however, the print is badger. Note the broad, almost square shape of the print and the large, broad rear pad, you can just see it curves.

Graham Banwell

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