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Foxy Emporer

Observed: 22nd October 2011 By: RPWinstonRPWinston’s reputation in InvertebratesRPWinston’s reputation in InvertebratesRPWinston’s reputation in InvertebratesRPWinston’s reputation in Invertebrates
Foxy Emporer - Charaxes jasius saturnus

Large butterfly, feeding on sap of tree for a long time.

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Also known in Europe as Two-tailed Pasha.

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Two-tailed Pasha

Thanks for the update Creaturesnapper.

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South African website

Please note that there is a South African iSpot at http://za.ispot.org.uk where you are likely to get faster and more accurate identification of local species.

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I see you have no status here, despite being a curator of the South African national insect collection.
Hopefully when the sites join your expert status will kick in. But it will not apply to your IDs, unless someone agrees with you after the merger and your status will kick in.

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Expert status

Has it been discussed and trashed out how expert and knowledgeable statuses will apply or not apply across iSpot communities?

I think it reasonable that I should be a (modest) expert on the global site: but only for invertebrates from our subregion! I am most definitely nothing of an expert concerning the inverts of Britain, Chile or Hong Kong. For East Africa I may consider a 'knowledgeable' badge, but not expert there either.

Is there already a system in place to keep experts in their place? I mean this very geographically. (There are of course a Wunderkind here and there that may be expertorious globally -- few for other groups, and hard to believe for inverts.) I consider this an important matter for both the expert herself and for those tutored or tortured by the expert.

Imagine the havoc I could wreck if I am feeling a little dilly and start identifying Chilean spiders with "global" expert status! No no no. That will not work. Since I am not feeling all that dilly, "global" expert status will, on the flipside, inhibit me to interact in any way whatsoever with, say, Chile -- to my own detriment!

Since I am considered an expert, and for other reasons also, I believe that experts (and knowledgeables) on iSpot play critical roles [preaching to the choir]. Hence their jurisdiction should strictly be defined and curtailed, in the absence of evidence of organismic omniscience.

Would the iSpot decision-makers and reprogrammers be reading this? Most probably not? How may I bring this point -- important to at least myself -- under their attention? Advice please.


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post it here

Under a title like - what is my expert status globally?