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Fungi on woodchippings

Observed: 24th August 2010 By: GaryWebb1GaryWebb1’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Deciduous woodland garden habitat, where woodchippings have been spread to mulch area's adjacent to paths.


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Gymnopilus dilepis?

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I'm sure I've seen a photo

I'm sure I've seen a photo rather like yours of a troop of purple mushrooms with pale rounded margins... but I can't relocate it just now :-( I keep thinking of Plums and Custard, but they are covered in yellow covered with purple scales... hopefully an expert will put us out of our misery on this, or I might find that other photo!

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've googled Gymnopilus dilepis, & the photographs are mostly of more advanced fruiting bodies. One or two photo's do look tantalisingly similar to my photo - how frustrating?! Your Plums & Custard looks like a good lead. Thanks so far.

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If you can try and photograph the gill's and stem as close up shot's would help confirm narrow down to genus.


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These couldn't be a rather

These couldn't be a rather purply version of Clitocybe nebularis could they? I thought of them when I looked at

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Finally found the picture I

Finally found the picture I had in mind - of Cucumber Caps.


Did you notice if they had a strong smell of a mixture of raw fish and cucumbers?