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Fungi ID if possible

Observed: 20th November 2011 By: davidcareyhadlowdavidcareyhadlow’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
cap with no obvious stipe, attached laterally
second cap a little further along fallen trunk
second cap turned over to reveal gills

on a fallen tree trunk, which was much decayed, but possibly Ash, in a shaw in the Medway valley between Tonbridge and East Peckham.
Whitish eccentric caps attached laterally to the wood of the trunk, about 5 cm diameter, with slightly paler margins. Not much if any stipe.


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I'm very inexperienced but

I'm very inexperienced but have a copy of Michael Jordan's book that includes a key. This is a fungus with:
Stem eccentric, lateral or absent, mainly on wood--->
Next question is about colour of spores. In the last photo the gills do have some dark powder on them, let's assume those are spores, then...
we get to Fruiting body cream or white, spores brown = Crepidotus (BTW there is a typo in the ID you added).
Looking at Crepidotus in the same book, C. mollis has pallid ochre-brown smooth, slightly gelatinous cap, sometimes faintly striate towards margin and with scattered small scales. There are some other species with white caps, some downy. I agree that this COULD be C. mollis, but I feel more comfortable settling for an ID of a generic Crepidotus.

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fungi ID if possible

Many thanks Martincito, and for pointing out the typo. I'll try to get a spore print from some fresh material in a few days,


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Thanks for posting the photos

Thanks for posting the photos David. If you want to stick to C. mollis add that as a revised ID but spelt right, as an "it might be this", and I'll agree it. That way (hopefully) any other recent observations of C. mollis will be linked to yours.