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Moulted Diver feather

Observed: 20th November 2011 By: David JardineBirds expert

Feather found just above the strandline. The 'flourescent' white caught my attention and I thought it might be a woodcock tail feather, but it was too large, being around 10cm long.

  • Diver sp
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
    Likely ID
    Diver (Gavia)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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There is a similarity between

There is a similarity between this feather and one I found recently. I am quite sure my one is from a young gannet because I took some such feathers from a dead juvenile gannet several years back. For all I know the GND has a similarly marked feather but there is a resemlence for sure.

Similar feather here:-



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Photo of Gannet?

Hi Cathal

do you have a photo of the gannet your feathers came from? The square shape on the feathers from Red Point and also their flourescent sheen pointed to a Diver for me - having handled a diver and seen many on the west coast. It will be interesting to follow through. Thanks.

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Hi David, The feather I

Hi David,

The feather I shared was found on a beach, I did not see or handle the bird which it came from. As soon as I found the feather I was sure it was the same as feathers which I did take from a dead juvenile gannet some years back. There is no question over the ID of the bird which I found dead some years ago, there is however now a question over how well I remember those feathers I took from it, I really hope I can find them but its a long shot. Will have a look.