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Birch Bracket / Piptoporus Betulinus

Observed: 20th November 2011 By: SorenSoren’s reputation in Fungi and LichensSoren’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Don't think its Ganoderma

Don't think its Ganoderma lucidum. What tree was it growing on, looks to me like birch. Think Ganoderma lucidum does not often grow on birch and usually occurs on roots or stumps not half way up trunk.

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not sure

Not sure myself but sadly once it's on Then I have committed myself,what is your thought's on it


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Birch polypore

I have to agree with Mike, I have only once seen lucidum and it didn't look like this.I have seen birch polypore that look like this though.

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Just confirming, it was on a

Just confirming, it was on a Silver Birch and about six feet from the ground.

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well i think you are correct

well i think you are correct with the birch bracket. wonder if you could add an extra identification with birch bracket typed in the common name field but then click on the 'get recommended' button. this might sound a bit of a faf but it helps to tie everything together with the scientific name and the direct links to EOL and nbn map showing the distribution of the species.
i will agree with you then ;-)

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My agreement bumps Birch

My agreement bumps Birch Bracket until the full id goes up