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Observed: 12th November 2011 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Small mushroom growing in open grassland. Bulbous stem white, with flesh coloured patches, fibrous, covered with white scales, about 4 cm long, 2 cm diameter at base tapering to 1.5 cm below cap, split lengthwise to reveal fibrous flesh-coloured flesh. Underside of cap closed with white veil to hide gills. Cap reddish-brown, sooty on top, covered with scales, especially white scales towards inrolled margin, irregular rounded hexagonal shape from above, about 4 cm across. Spore print didn't come out. No unusual smell or milk noticed.


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I'd not considered the

I'd not considered the possibility of this being an Armillaria, given that it was growing at least 100 metres from the nearest tree... I'll add a photo showing a wider view of the habitat.

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You can just see the little

You can just see the little mushroom at the centre bottom of the new photo...

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I am maybe clutching at

I am maybe clutching at straws but could there have been felled trees in this area? There look to be a couple of bare soil patches which could be covering a stump.

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I don't know what lies

I don't know what lies beneath the soil but I'm not aware of their being any tree stumps. It is grazed by rabbits and maybe sometimes by sheep though I'm not sure about the sheep as it isn't fenced in. It lies between some fields of livestock and a wood - it slopes up from the fields, with the railway on one side and a slope down to a stream and more farmer's fields on the other... there were some other fungi when I saw this one. Maybe it is a baby one of whatever they are! I haven't got round to potting them on iSpot yet, but will soon.

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See also

See also found on same foray but only just added to iSpot.