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Rickenella fibula Orange Mosscap

Observed: 17th November 2011 By: miked
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Rickenella fibula Orange Mosscap

Very common among moss on a lichen heath. In the field I was confident about the ID but looking more closely I am having slight doubts, will try to have a look at it again if they are still around.


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"Rickenella rarely retain

"Rickenella rarely retain this convex shape when mature but open out and have a depressed centre which retains the darker orange colour."

This is exactly what i thought when i saw the photo. Will go back and look at more of them. The Rickenella does grow in mossy areas in very similar habitat a couple of miles away but not noticed them before at this site.
Galerina have yellowish-brown spore print compared to white for Rickenella?

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Tried spore print on 5 caps,

Tried spore print on 5 caps, no luck, they were horrible and wet after rain and just went nasty, stem blackening and cap collapse. if they are not killed by tonight's frost then i will have another go.