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I really don't know what sort of plants this is!

Observed: 20th November 2011 By: SallyMittuch

Black thin leaves about 9cm tall. Tiny yellow flowers the size of pinheads about 4cm tall.
The whole plant appears and grows rapidly in my garden on my cat's poos!


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This strange plant

Correction, the tiny white flowers are about 1-2cm tall. My fingers must have slipped. I'm very excited to find out what it is.

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A clearer photo would help. It's hard to make out the 'leaves'. The yellow 'flowers' may be fungal and therefore separate from the plant.


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Two organisms

It looks like two organisms. The yellow bits may be fungi. You will need to have a fiddle with the camera to find out how to get control of the focus and take some more pictures. The tall plant looks like a grass that has gone dormant for winter. Have a go at picking one of the yellow bits and do some pictures on a table indoors. The tall bit looks like it will have to wait until spring.
I agree with synangium.