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Observed: 20th August 2011 By: Bird Boy SamBird Boy Sam’s reputation in BirdsBird Boy Sam’s reputation in BirdsBird Boy Sam’s reputation in Birds
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This is a tricky one. Everything's right for reed warbler, except the bill looks too short. The bird must be looking slightly towards the camera, making the bill look shorter than it really is. Whitethroat would have bright chestnut brown colours on the wings and whitish outer tail feathers.

Bob Ford

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I was about to make more or

I was about to make more or less the same observation, but the bill is odd. I am not sure about it being foreshortened, as the rest of the head look well side-on. A young Reed Warbler maybe? Definitely not a Whitethroat though.



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certainly not

reed warbler, apart from bill being much too short primary protection too long and primary spacing wrong. Looks like garden warbler to me, wing formula seems to fit. How was this bird caught?

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Garden Warbler

David is correct, this is a Garden Warbler.

Photographed at the ringing demonstration at the Birdfair I presume?

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Garden Warbler

The light is a bit confusing in the picture, making parts of the bird seem brighter than would be expected. In addition, the worn feathers give the tail a rounded appearance, suggesting Reed. The face, though, is typical Garden Warbler.

It is surprising how easy a bird like this is to ID in the hand, but how difficult that can become when only a photo of it is seen!

It would be interesting to hear what Bird Boy Sam remembers of the species caught, that day. I would imagine that they did catch Reed Warbler and Whitethroat, too.


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Method of Trapping

It was caught at the ringing stand at the 2011 Birdfair but i can't remember what the ringers said it was