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It used to be thought these

It used to be thought these were the young of Barnacle Geese in pre scientific times

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the common goose barnacle

the common goose barnacle Lepas anatifera doesnt have striations, but the rarer (& similarly named) L.anserifera has (& L. pectinata)

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Also in Lepas hilli the stalk

Also in Lepas hilli the stalk becomes pale or orange just below the 'head' (ie capitulum) whereas in L. anatifera it becomes dark/black. M.K. has mixed up anatifera & anserifera

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Thanks for the vote of confidence

Thanks for the vote of confidence Graham but I was really hoping for agreement to Wildpad's ID, as it was his ID in the 1st place & he has 3 agreements already, so a switch or agreement there would be most welcome

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Not certain

I am not absolutely certain of the value of adding agreements away from the original. I was told, months ago, that having split votes (agreements) usually invalidated the correct one.
Chris has triggered a change in Group, thank goodness, but Wildpads is still the 'lead' ID. I'd appreciate some wisdom here.
There is a case to try to shift Likely but neither Graham nor I can do that (I tried) So my agreement has triggered likely in the original.
I'd appreciate some more 'advice' here.

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Just the job, Dejay, it's the easiest way. It's unfortunate that Switching/correcting group doesn't work with fishes (where you already have a Likely ID. Though I assume if the likely switches the group will. There's another barnacle needs switching at http://www.ispotnature.org/node/238597 (from fish barnacle to invertebrate barnacle)

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I've been there.."I assume if the likely switches the group will..". I don't think so in fishy cases, for some reason.
It's your attention to a new ID, particularly when Other Organisms is the original Group. I see you are working your way through History - a good thing but I won't get flagged unless I've participated. 'Scuse me though if I stalk you for a while!
I have been using my Public Library for weeks as my BB connection crashed. What a blessing to be back to make a nuisance of myself!

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Well I've found an example,

Well I've found an example, http://www.ispotnature.org/node/384304 green shore crab(fish).If you switch your agreements here we could see. You may be right dejay but it's worth a try (& if it did you could switch agreements back)
I've done it! ie turned buoy barnacle (fish) to invertebrate by switching likely ID at http://www.ispotnature.org/node/230776
(need help at http://www.ispotnature.org/node/257515)

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I've been (and left notes). I hope things happen but I find that I am not powerful enough to swing many.
I think Mike Kendal has left the arena - a great pity.
I found this - you could swing it, no-one else will!