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_MG_3549 fungus

Observed: 19th November 2011 By: miked
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Animal vegetable or mineral? the second image might be macrotyphula juncea or similar but not sure if this is actually associated with the white threads or not.


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White threads

I have seen these under Beech growing from the leaves I originally thought they were Xylaria carpophila but there was no Black on them.


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The second is Macrotyphula

The second is Macrotyphula fistulosa the first looks as though it might develop into a Typhula sp.

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Found a load more of this

Found a load more of this today at other woods but no Typhula yet (although it does grow there).

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One of the easiest Typhula to

One of the easiest Typhula to see at this time of year is T quisquiliaris growing on dead fern.

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Suggest someone enter an ID

Suggest someone enter an ID so that we can find this again.

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