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Small dark bug - Lygaeidae

Observed: 13th November 2011 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Small dark bug - Lygaeidae 1a
Small dark bug - Lygaeidae 1b
Small dark bug - Lygaeidae 1c
Small dark bug - Lygaeidae 1d
Small dark bug - Lygaeidae 1e

Small black bug sheltering on a White Dead-nettle. Sorry about the poor photos - not much light.

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Small dark bug - ID notes

Probably Lygaeidae - because some Lygaeidae have thicker front femur.
Miridae, Saldidae and others usually have thicker hind femur or equal.

Looking at dark Lygaeidae about the right shape on the British Bugs website:
Not Megalonotus - last antennae segment too short on my bug
Not Stygnocoris rusticus - antennae OK but end of wing cases gently curved
Stygnocoris fuligineus & S. sabulosus too small
Plinthisus brevipennis - pronotum wrong shape

Possibly Drymus -
Length 4-5mm
Heavy front femur
Antennae segments with second slightly longer
Pronotum with slight transverse grooves in the middle

Probably not brown enough for D. brunneus
The light patch in the apex of the triangle behind the place where the wing cases meet looks like D. ryei
D. sylvaticus often has browner wing cases

However, I think it unlikely these photos are good enough to take it to species level. I'm hopeful of having Drymus confirmed but I haven't been able to compare it with species not yet illustrated by British Bugs.