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Observed: 1st May 2006 By: miked
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With those starry flowers,Ithought it might be S. hypnoides but the leaf base does not seem right or even S. stellaris but I cannot see any yellow spots on the petals. Though I can say with certainty it is a proper little saxifrage.


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I've had great difficulty

I've had great difficulty with a number of the plants at that site in northern Italy. It seems they are not in the northern Europe plant guides, not Mediterranean not alps, there are some bits of Spain like that too where they seem to be missed off the main guides and need the most exhaustive flora of the area (which i don't have).

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It is a well studied area,

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Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment martinjohnbishop, afraid my italian is very limited so having trouble with that page you suggested "a well studied area". Usually people look at the area on the other side of the valley and a few miles to the east of the location shown as there is a protected area and small mountain botanic garden and nice habitat in that direction.