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Jumping Zebra

Observed: 3rd November 2011 By: BDeed
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by also S. cingulatus i mean as well as S. scenicus, which i previously thought was the only Zebra spider!

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scenicus v cingulatus

S. cingulatus has more white on the abdomen with dark triangular markings it is less common Zebra and money spiders are generic terms which underly the need for citing Binomials - when circumstances permit

S. cingulatus

S. scenicus


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I spotted one

I got an image of one stalking Mosquito lava hatching out in my water butt.
They are good for our garden.


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Eye - Spot

They have exceptinally good eyesight and can spot you - just as quickly !!! :-)


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Jumping on Lens Spider

Yes, I had one jump onto my macro lens as I was moving in for a photograph ...