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Beginner needing some help to ID please.

Observed: 17th November 2011 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in Fungi and LichensJoe30’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Found growing in clusters amongst what I think was Conifer woodchip. Some (not pic ones) were up to 10cm in diameter and others were only a few cm across. Thanks.


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I am sure this is not Otidea

I am sure this is not Otidea onotica. That has lovely pink flesh on the inside when fresh. Not sure what it might be though other than Peziza.

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The size seems too big for some of the other cups to me. But you are probably right about it not being Hare's Ear.

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Peziza arvernensis

Having looked at pics on the net, this is the closest I can find - does it seem right?


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Joanna Sorry to be so

Sorry to be so negative but if you look at the key to the 50 species of Peziza in Brian Spooner's key you will see the first question is are the spores smooth or ornamented and it goes downhill from there.
With the shape in your photo it might not even be a Peziza but could be a Tarzetta or something else I have never heard of. You might even have photos of two species.