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Hudson drainage May 2011_2495

Observed: 25th May 2011 By: Tom Holland
Hudson drainage May 2011_2495

Droppings. Not sure of length but about 10-15mm long.
Deer? If so is it possible to say which species.

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Deer droppings

The droppings have a very obvious concave 'dimple' this is a distinguishing feature of reindeer, therefore they are reindeer.

No! before anyone thinks I've lost my mind or thinks Santa has been doing a dry run a month early the size rules out reindeer!

The size is also too small for red deer leaving fallow or roe deer. Fallow deer droppings are cylindrical, these are more rounded; therefore, they are roe deer - the very obvious dimple is unusual though, perhaps it was constipated!

Incidentally, the black, shiny appearance indicates these are fresh, no more than a couple of hours old.

If you add an identification for roe deer I'll agree to it.

Graham Banwell

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