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Hoof marks and droppings

Observed: 20th June 2011 By: Tom Holland

3.5cm long hoof-prints and 3.5cm long droppings in the same wood. Lots of browsing on saplings nearby.

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Roe deer

These are roe deer prints, note the inward curvature of the hoof. At 3.5cm they are too big for muntjac which rarely reach even 3cm. They are at the lower end of a roe deer size which could indicate a young animal, however, note how deep the 'toe' digs in and the steepness of the slope from toe to trailing edge - this animal was running, maybe even launching up into a jump. Therefore, this print may not indicate the full length of the deers hoof.

If you add an identification for roe deer I'll agree to it.

Graham Banwell

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