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Tall bush, about 6ft ish. with large silver leaves and red berries. Flowers in summer.

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Query cotoneaster id from Vinny

How sure r u that it's a cotoneaster, as I have one of those in the garden too and this looks nothing like it, if I can find a picky of the flowers I'll put them on. Need to know as I've collected seeds from it and need to find out about propagating it.....


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Very sure

Though I now work in an office, I'm a trained horticulturalist (national diploma) and plantsman with 19 years experience in nursery work, garden centre, landscaping & maintenance roles. Cotoneasters come in a wide range of forms from tiny-leaved prostrate species such as C.horizontalis to the larger-leaved, tree-sized ones such as C.salicifolius. C.frachettii is a medium sized species often used for hedging and amenity planting.
As for propagation - just as easy to root from cuttings as they are to grow from seed. That answer your query? ;)
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I believe there are 60+ species of Cotoneaster in the UK, most pretty difficult to identify. This is a fairly typical one but I wouldn't like to say which.

Bob Ford

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They can be difficult - hence

They can be difficult - hence my only going for the genus and careful choice of wording with 'probably C.franchettii' in my initial ID. :)

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Many thanks Vinny, I wasn't

Many thanks Vinny, I wasn't questioning your very evident genius though, so please don't get too offended with me over that. I just wanted to be sure as the offspring will be added to my nursery collection at my bonsai nursery for sale as potential bonsai raw material when they are old enough to work with in a year or so. Although one other question, should I plant the seeds now or should I wait until spring, I've currently got them soaking in water and am planning on planting them tomorrow, and do they need stratification??? Many thanks again for your help. xxx <3 xxx


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Stratification is generally

Stratification is generally better for most seeds within fruits that would be eaten and dispersed by birds/animals. Necessity depends very much on species. Most Sorbus (which are close relatives of Cotoneaster) require it for a good germination rate.