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Branched yellow and pinkish fungi

Observed: 1st January 1980 By: ve.emery
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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yellow and pinkish branched fungus

These antlered and stick-like fungi were found in the short mossy grass of a churchyard. The yellow variety was much more common than the pinkish one. They were dry, rubbery but brittle with a faint musty smell. Are these different species of the same genus?


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Yellow one Golden Spindles -

Yellow one Golden Spindles - Clavulinopsis fusiformis maybe.

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They are two separate species

They are two separate species i wonder if you could put the yellow ones on as a separate observation so its easier to give an ID for that species too.

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Miked, I have posted a

Miked, I have posted a separate observation for the yellow species, but I don't have a separate photo. Hope this is what you intended.