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Blue tit feeding chick

Observed: 7th June 2009 By: purplerabbitspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birds

The nest box at Johnson Terrace is right next to the steps. The parents were visiting about every 30 seconds

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Blue tits

If they are visiting every 30 seconds then the chicks are due to fedge within the next 48 hours. My students have done studies on feeding times of tits and found that the adults, rather than taking time to find larger prey, return more frequently with variable sized prey the nearer to fedgeing. Presumably it is better to frequently feed smaller prey than spend time looking for larger prey because they have so many mouths to feed. It would be interesting to see if larger birds with one or two young in the nest use the same strategy.

For the first time in nine years blue tits have not used either of the boxes in my garden.

Graham Banwell

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Interesting. They certainly

Interesting. They certainly did fledge pretty soon after

Alison Rowan