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Observed: 12th November 2011 By: SuzySharpeSuzySharpe’s reputation in Birds

My limited knowldesge does not allow me to identify these birds at first I thought they were swans but then herons, however too large for both, could they be cranes?

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These are indeed Common Cranes - not a common species anywhere in the UK, although they do turn up regularly in small numbers on passage, and a few pairs breed in East Anglia.

There have been a number of reports in Cornwall during the last week, including a flock of 24 (see here: )
The Cornish Birdwatching Society would probably like to receive details of this sighting (if it hasn't already been reported to them - and will be likely to accept the photos as 'evidence' without requiring a full written description). Perhaps email them a link to this observation on Ispot.

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Thank you for your reply, they were a fantastic sight, just very pleased to have my camera with me as they flew over. The great crane project also said that they thought that they were an adult and a juvenile...I have emailed cbwps the images and the link.

Thanks again