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Black Redstart

Observed: 15th November 2011 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in Birds

Bird was on 6th floor balcony of office block (PruHealth) in Bournemouth town centre between 11:30 and 12:40. Feeding on flies along with Grey Wagtails. Within 6ft of me so no doubt on the ID. Went home for my camera at lunchtime, but it had disappeared when I got back :(

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No photo but... least I was paid for quality bird-watching for a good hour! We had issues with our video conferencing system, so all I had to do was hang around and tell the technical team on the other end of the line what was happening every now and then. The rest of the time I was free to watch the bird acrobatically catching flies in the November sunshine! :)

More VC testing tomorrow, so I'll have my camera with me and my fingers crossed.