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Fungi - but what?

Observed: 14th November 2011 By: allison_reid99allison_reid99’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensallison_reid99’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Folded white cap (bit like an Elizabethan ruff), about 1cm in diameter, long spindly stem (~7cm). Growing in small clusters next to bark chip path.


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That explains why I couldn't

That explains why I couldn't find it. Thanks for overruling my wrong ID by adding the generic one by the way. As you know, this is something we can't do ourselves even when we want to...

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I've seen Mycenas looking

I've seen Mycenas looking like this and some with normal caps then this kind of hat on top!

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It looks like one of those

It looks like one of those old fashioned swimming caps!

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So is that a bit like fasciation?

Very curious. They looked delicately pretty. Thanks for your discussion


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I wonder if there is anywhere

I wonder if there is anywhere you can send the photos to get this mushroom on the system, so to speak, with a suitable name such as Mycena allisonia??