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A good conservation breed

We don't see this breed much in Yorkshire, however, I am aware they are used a lot for conservation purposes on rough grassland.

For identification, note the uniform rich red colour of the coat and the slightly shaggy texture on the flanks and neck.

I know some members of iSpot feel this forum should limit itself to purely 'wild' creatures however, domesticated cattle, horses, sheep etc. have been a part of the British landscape for far longer than some of our 'wild' mammals; e.g. rabbit, brown hare, deer (other than red deer in upland areas - all lowland red deer are introduced, mostly by the Georgians and Victorians) . . .

They are as much a part of a British grassland ecosystem as the earthworm or field vole. Some breeds are rarer than water voles or even wildcats and others, this breed included, are vital conservation management tools. Therefore, I have no problem with cattle, horse, sheep, or even pig breeds appearing on iSpot. However, I do draw the line at dogs and cats, other than as a comparative reference for wild species, i.e. footprints and droppings etc. Also, though my wife would kill me for saying this, Guinea pigs!

Graham Banwell

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