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Oyster Mushroom in Town

Observed: 7th November 2011 By: igm54
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Oyster Mushroom  in Town
Oyster Mushroom   2
Oyster Mushroom   3
Oyster Mushroom   4

I came across this layer of mushrooms growing about 4 foot off the ground next to a busy road - hence the sooty colour but otherwise it would be white. It was oddly growing out of the rust of a metal shutter (or so it appeared - there was no wood or brick). Thanks to all who identified them.


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Fungi growing through rust

I dont know the name of this fungi but it was happily growing through a partially rusted metal shutter in the town. It has obviously been affected by being to close to the road as it was partially covered in soot from the exhaust fumes. I will have to come back to this observation with further details.

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I think the rusty steel has been repaired with wood from behind and the fungi have found there way through rust holes to fruit.


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Rusty Mushrooms

I think you are right there, and I did try to look but felt a bit of a prat in the middle of a busy street taking photographs of, for all the world - a wall! I could not see a source of nourishment and unless this is a case of urban adaptation then I have discovered the first metal eating mushroom! Yes! In which case I should be able to call it whatever I please... no?