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Observed: 14th November 2011 By: john flynn

this beast was found whilst dismantling a drystone wall in readiness for rebuilding. It was sheletered between two stones. The wall marks the boundary of a acid grass/heathland The photo is not too good but hopefully adequate.

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It's a spider, maybe a

It's a spider, maybe a Tegenaria. Maybe it has sealed itself up to undergo a moult.

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that's helpful, thank you. Can anyone recommend a good field guide for a spider novice. I am currently involved an acid grass/heathland restoration project and keep stumbling across many spiders at ground level.

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This list may be helpful -

The Roberts (first on the list) is probably the one to go for, though if eventually you want to get serious about IDing them you may want to consider his 3 vols work. Dick Jones's book may be difficult to obtain now

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thanks for the advice. I'll

thanks for the advice. I'll buy the Roberts and see how it goes from there.
Regards John Flynn