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Observed: 8th November 2011 By: Sam Griffin
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Not sure at all about this one..? Could it be a wild canary? Apparently not common on Lanzarote and these were observed in a garden, a long way from other suitable habitat.. They were coming in for water, but were very flighty - hence poor pics.

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Thanks Roy! Thats answered

Thanks Roy! Thats answered that one. The most up to date records of species occurring on Lanzarote did not have Serin, but did have Canary.. However, they did not have robin either, which we saw whilst there! That will teach me to rely on what other people say occurs in a location. What are the features that allow you to seperate Serin from Canary?

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Serins/Birds of Lanzarote

Canaries are slightly larger birds (not really possible to judge from a photo) with a proportionately slightly larger, more pinkish bill. They also have less bold streaking, particularly on the flanks, with the ground colour on the flanks more of a yellow colour (white in these photos, which is typical of Serin).

A list of birds of Lanzarote, which may be more complete than the one(s) you have seen can be found here:
(with brief details of status given for each species - note that some vagrant species recorded before 2002, or after 2009, will not be included in this list).

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Thanks again. That list makes

Thanks again. That list makes more sense than the ones I was using. The species and status' tally more closely with what I saw. Houbara bustard was easily the highlight, but black redstart and hoopoe on the hotel balcony came a close second. Not a huge number of species - but it was quality not quantity! Well worth a visit.