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please can someone identify this

came in from the garden last night 13th November and found about 10 of these bugs on my jacket. i went to brush them off and they went squish very easily. i now have to know what these are as i have never seen anything quite like it.
it is grey in colour, about 5mm long in the abdomen. it has three distinct black horn like things on its back from side to horizontally reathe than vertically. i do have a picture but don't know how to post it with the message.
if any one can identify it i would really appreciate it.



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The forum doesn't accept

The forum doesn't accept images, what you need to do is add an 'observation'.

There is a short video explaining how to do this on the help page.

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Post image

As indicated by the other comment best to post an observation. Sounds a bit like Willow Aphid ( but without a picture it will be hard to be sure.