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Ramshorn snails

Observed: 22nd March 2010 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Great Ramshorn (Planorbarius corneus).Pilgrims way 22.3.10

Pond snails with curled shells. Probably Great Ramshorn as that's what I orginally introduced, but can't be certain

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It's a few years since I

It's a few years since I worked on water snails, but P. corneus never has the keel that you can clearly see on these individuals. There are a couple of species which look similar, and it's hard to say without a head-on view looking into the mouth of the shell, but I'd agree with P. carinatus from this photo

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Great Ramshorn or not ?

You might have introduced Great Ramshorn into your pond, but other species will get there anyway.

These can't be Greater Ramshorn as they a keel or ridge running along the outside of the shell. Greater Ramshorn also has a shell made up of a few wide spirals of shell, not the many narrow spirals you see in the picture. As has been noted, a full ID would need a view of the operculum or moth of the shell, but Keeled Ramshorn seems a good bet.

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I think there are three

I think there are three species of ramshorn here, but I'm not certain about the identities of any of them. Starting at the bottom and going up in a straight line: Planorbis planorbis/carinatus, Anisus ?leucostoma or maybe vortex, P. planorbis/carinatus, Anisus ?leucostoma/vortex, unknown fifth one. Off to the left of the picture could well be a juvenile Great Ramshorn Planorbarius corneus. And if you view the picture at full size, there is another possible P. corneus juvenile visible behind the upper Anisus.

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I am quite pleased to find

I am quite pleased to find other snails have colonised the pond as its only young. Wish I had some better pics now. This will def add to my species list. I believe that someone found a leucostoma in the pond when looking at it before

Graeme Davis

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Great Picture!

Any many years later I'd like to add my twopenneth, from the bottom 1. Planorbis carinatus as last whorl third of diameter. 2. Planorbius planorbius, another keeled ramshorn but last whorl 1/4 of diameter also looks robust. 3. Same as 1. 4. Anisus poss vortex. 5. Unknown but large lasdt whorl.
One behind 4 prob Planorbarius corneus juvenile, as is the one on the left. I suspect the ones on the left border are. P. carinatus. There are as few unidentified bits of crustanean around, no idea on them