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At Formby pinewoods 2

Observed: 2nd October 2011 By: early.lizearly.liz’s reputation in Plants
At Formby pinewoods
At Formby pinewoods 2
At Formby pinewoods 3
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Himalayan or Indian Balsam?

I wonder if this is a balsam, rather than an orchid? The well veined leaves point to something like this rather than an orchid which would have narrower leaves.

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Himalayan Balsam

Thank you David ! It certainly looks like the other pictures on this site of Himalayan Balsam, especially the seed pods and leaves..I can now go and search for it in the RHS book.

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Himalayan Balsam

Its most definitely Himalayan or Indian Balsam Family Balsaminaceae and not in the Orchid family (AKA Policemans helmet - because of its resemblance ) its a Riparian Invasive ie Along water courses. Given an opportunity seed pods will pop and fill your camera bag :-)



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