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_MG_3291 hygrocybe

Observed: 12th November 2011 By: miked
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small red waxcap in scrubby chalk grassland


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What about Hygrocybe helobia which has a orange-red but was the cap dry as this has a dry cap.


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The cap was not sticky, it

The cap was not sticky, it was waxy like a candle.

By the way do you have the waxcap book?
On the way out this morning I was listening to natural world about waxcaps with Gareth Griffiths who i've persuaded to look at ispot waxcaps very occasionally.
think you can listen again to the story at the above link
there is also:
waxcap key

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No book

I don't have a book but did not know there was one.I have a real interest in them because I seem to get so many were I live as lot's of old unimproved pasture.I will have a listen to the link and download the Waxcap key.I know one of the other expert's is knowledgeable with waxcap s.Thanks for the info