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White-tailed Deer

Observed: 29th April 2003 By: Major BombyliusMajor Bombylius’s reputation in MammalsMajor Bombylius’s reputation in Mammals
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White-tailed deer

Strictly speaking this is a northern white-tailed deer (O.v. borealis), a sub-species.

Note the black line down the upper side of the snow white tail; the black tip to the muzzle; and the white rings round the black muzzle tip and round the eyes - these indicate this is a white-tailed deer. The dark coat colouration shows this to be the northern sub-species; it also helps that this is the only sub-species found in eastern Canada. They are at the northern limit of their range in Ontario, further north they are replaced by caribou.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for that info. We saw

Thanks for that info. We saw a few small groups at this location (a deserted campsite) and they were far more approachable than wild deer in the UK, so were quite easy to photograph.