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Goat Willow

Observed: 23rd March 2010 By: ed stevensed stevens’s reputation in Plantsed stevens’s reputation in Plants

yellow and white flowers on medium sized tree

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Salix spp.

Willows are rather difficult - not least because of their propensity to hybridise, the cultivars which are planted all over the shop and the fact that there are male and female trees producing the flowers before the leaves. You could be right but from the photo we have there are several other choices. The only real way at this stage is to dissect the flowers and compare with a good key - Meikle, Willows and Poplars (1984) is the best place to start. Or you could take a specimen, mark the tree and go back later when the leaves are out. I said willows were tricky!

Chris Metherell
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North Northumberland

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Thanks, I think I have identified the same tree as Goat Willow in the past when there was leaves on the tree but can't be 100% certain that it was the same tree. I will have another look a little later in the year i think.