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Another "mushroom"

Observed: 11th November 2011 By:’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Unknown fungus

The cap is approximately 6cm in diameter and is brownish at the centre shding to a paler mauvish fawn at the edge. The gills are pale mauve. The stipe is again mauve in colour, shading from almost white at the cap to a dark striated mauve at the base which is very swollen. The faint smell is "earthy" and there appears to be no discoloration when the cap is broken.


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think i'd have gone for wood

think i'd have gone for wood blewit, field blewits tend to have a strong contrast in colour between stem and cap.

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I tend to get this one wrong so I think you need to do a revision then it will be in the right category.I will remember the colour contrast for future ob's.