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I saw alot of different fungi on Hampstaed Heath,in London, this Oct. I'm just starting so I'm not sure which ones they were.(both on floor and magnificent ones on trees)will have to carry my camera.



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But beware of addiction! It

But beware of addiction! It starts with a camera followed by picking them, examining their under-parts (and photographing them), sniffing them, bringing them home, buying books, microscope, chemicals.. etc But trying to ID them does present a nice (if at times frustrating) challenge!

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Missed on

And subscribing to fungi groups,I do agree with you it is very addictive or should I say turns into an obsession.Has your subscription come through yet for the A.B.F.G as mine has not.There was a good article on the BBC website yesterday about Fungi mainly Waxcap's worth a look.


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Yes, I'm now a ABFG member. I

Yes, I'm now a ABFG member. I found Hazel at very helpful. There was a query about my bank transfer because the bank had used a different reference number to the one I'd asked for but while I was sorting that out the membership card and issue of the Forayer arrived. In the magazine I see that this problem with bank transfers is quite widespread, so they are getting payments but don't know who they are from. I haven't got round to ordering any stains or reagents like the elusive Melzer's reagent yet. I expect I will soon, along with the gubbins to measure spores etc through the microscope, and a 100x oil objective lens and... but I have to go now, the fungi are calling!