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Large mushroom

Observed: 10th November 2011 By:’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Mushroom cap
Gills and stype
Cut surface after 10 minutes

A large flat mushroom approximately 16cm across the almost flat cap. The cap shades from dark brown to pale fawn, showing cream where the darker layer appears to have split. The stipe is approximately 1.5cm in diameter and 10cms long. The ring is descending but not clearly defined right round the stipe. The gills are milk chocolate in colour. Another smaller specimen shows a similar upper surface but paler pinkish gills. These specimens were picked at the roadside under trees.


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Large mushroom

Thanks for two interesting possibilities. My thoughts are these: 1) We posted pics of a parasol mushroom last autumn and it looks very different from the present specimen. 2) The stipe of the present specimen is smooth and basically one colour while that of A augustus clearly has coloured scales.

No sign of discolouration on cut surface after 10 minutes (see additional picture)

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It is not a parasol,did you notice any smell ie aniseed.

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Large mushroom

I agree that it doesn't seem to be a parasol. The cap has, as described, a darker surface layer split to show pale layer underneath. It's not scaly like a parasol. The smell is mild and much like an open domestic mushroom.

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Might be Agaricus

Might be Agaricus subperonatus, big enough right scaly pattern etc

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I have been looking the

I have been looking the latest work on Agricus work by Geoffrey Kibby. Without much success I have to say. There are few that fit the bill. A augustus, A litoralis, A macrocarpus, A subperonatus and A urinascens are the only ones that grow large enough. Unfortunately each of them has some part of the description that does not fit.
The cap markings or the colour of the flesh or the markings on the stem were wrong for each.