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Observed: 27th October 2011 By: colts footcolts foot’s reputation in Mammalscolts foot’s reputation in Mammalscolts foot’s reputation in Mammals

In a domestic field - did not look like a donkey, but a mix between horse and donkey. This animal had a very sway back.

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This looks extremely small

This looks extremely small for a mule, though that depends on what breed the mother was. I'm tempted to think it is just a very old donkey. Just like humans, they get rather boney looking in the face in old age. Also, the mane in very donkey like.

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Yes, good points - that would explain it's bony condition - it was particularly the face that looked mule like, probably because of it's age it is a donkey with a bony face. It was not very tall either. Thankyou.

mustang sally

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I agree, this is a donkey - the relatively short, stocky legs; and smoother, more furry looking hair are reminiscent of donkey rather than mules who tend to inherit the longer legs and courser hair of their horse mother.

Graham Banwell

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