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Slimy cap blue-green mushroom

Observed: 9th November 2011 By: sv.kettlewellsv.kettlewell’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Slimy cap blue-green mushroom
In situ

Slimy blue-green mushrooms, about 4 cm diameter. Pinkish gills. Growing in waste grass between field and trees.


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Stropharia caerulea

Are there alternate names for this fungus? e.g. S.aeruginosa?

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No. There are three very

No. There are three very similar species S aeruginosa, cearulea and pseudocyanea and it is all down to microscope work. There are slight differences of habitat but not enough to make a definitive id possible.

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Did it smell of pepper? Could

Did it smell of pepper? Could be a clue.

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Collins guide says S.

Collins guide says S. aeruginosa has gills with white felty edges and white scales which adhere persistently to the slimy cap; S. caerulea lacks the white gill edges and any velar remains are normally confined to margin and soon disappear; S. pseudocyanea has a peppery smell. Weighing this up I agree with the ID of S. caerulea, though would feel even more enthusiastic with an ID of Stropharia sp.